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Zeus Cafe
Wood burning oven at Zeus Cafe, downtown Portland, OR

We’re part of a coalition of experts and advocates with broad knowledge of the harmful health effects of breathing woodsmoke.

Our mission is to curtail woodsmoke as a component of air pollution, to protect air quality and public health.

Long ago, most communities passed ordinances protecting people from secondhand cigarette smoke. Ironically, those laws protect people at places they don’t necessarily have to be (restaurants, stores, buildings, etc). But in the one place they have to be, their own home, they have no protection from something even worse – woodsmoke.

People should have just as much protection from woodsmoke as from cigarette smoke and for all the same reasons.

We don’t allow people to blow cigarette smoke in your face, why should we allow people to blow woodsmoke into your home?Dr. Brian Moench

We seek to educate, influence and guide the process to phase out wood burning as a form of fuel and recreation.

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