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Particulate matter comes in several sizes. Sometimes called the invisible killer, PM2.5 is the worst part of woodsmoke.
[blockquote size=”full” align=”right” byline=”Pima County Department of Air Quality”]There are things floating around in the air. Most of them, you cannot even see. They are a kind of air pollution called particles or particulate matter. In fact, particulate matter may be the air pollutant that most commonly affects people’s health.[/blockquote]

So its no wonder that in October 2013, The World Health Organization added particulate matter to it’s list of Group 1 Carcinogens. Their findings show,

[blockquote size=”full” align=”right” byline=”World Health Organization”]An increasing risk of lung cancer with increasing levels of exposure to particulate matter and air pollution.[/blockquote] [button url=”” target=”_blank” style=”normal”]Want to learn more?[/button]
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