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Santa Barbara’s Woodburning Restaurants

Santa Barbara’s Woodburning Restaurants

Live near one?
Or worse, do you work at one?

If so, you’re breathing toxic woodsmoke, probably 7 days a week.

Care to see the details? Check out my Santa Barbara Woodburning Restaurants map. You may not like what you see, especially as you learn of the toxic impact.

You’ll find surprises, like the Impact Hub on State Street, where they roll out the wood-fired pizza oven each Wednesday night. Yes, it’s fun and a great team building event, but it’s also toxic. Compared to natural gas, a wood burning oven, stove or fireplace is 554 times dirtier – that’s a lot.

What can you do? Speak up when you dine. Spend your dining dollars at cleaner restaurants that aren’t poisoning their staff, their patrons and their neighbors.

Your meal will taste a little better.


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