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City Club Air Toxics Update

City Club attracts civic minded members and last night they gathered at Kells Irish Restaurant and…

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Another Eastside Hotspot

Woodsmoke – it's the perfect starter-kit for complex air pollution hazards. The tiny particulates in…

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Woodsmoke: More Concrete Steps are Needed

I've sat-in on several meetings of the DEQ Woodsmoke Workgroup. I've traveled to Eugene, Bend,…

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DEQ Woodsmoke Recommendations are “Toothless”

The clock is ticking... Public Comments are due July 6th as the DEQ formulates a…

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Spencer Ehrman sits on the Woodsmoke Workgroup

The DEQ Woodsmoke Workgroup visited Beaverton yesterday, the last stop on the roadshow. Several members…

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DEQ Woodsmoke Workgroup Wraps Up in Beaverton

The largest audience of the roadshow? About 15 people attended the final stop where DEQ's…

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