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Congratulations! You’re about to be a guest on the Show.

There’s just a few details to cover and one surprise.

First, send Frank a photo. Formal is ok, but a picture of you doing something you love is better. This photo of Boston Bikes’ Nicole Freedman is a good example.

Second, all interviews are done via Skype. It’s how the calls are recorded. It’s free, so sign up right now. Send Frank your Skype account name; he’s ‘fxpeters’.


Want to sound your best? Use your earbuds.

Chill somewhere. You’ll also sound best if you’re at your desk, behind closed doors, somewhere quiet.

Lastly, let’s discuss preparation.
The best preparation is to listen to a recent Show. You’ll get an idea of the back and forth nature of the conversation and you’ll know some of the recent topics others are discussing, so spend some time listening in before it’s your turn.

Otherwise, stay loose; I advise no preparation! If you’re on the Show to discuss worldwide statistical trends in air pollution statistics, ok then, bring along a cheat sheet, but most of the time we’re simply chatting about the unique characteristics of your community, your best practices or something else that you already know inside and out.

Stories resonate.
Come prepared to tell a story. Share something you’ve learned, maybe the hard way. It’s human nature — we all love a good story.

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