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DEQ Woodsmoke Recommendations Are “Toothless”

DEQ Woodsmoke Recommendations are “Toothless”

The clock is ticking… Public Comments are due July 6th as the DEQ formulates a response to HB 3068, which asks how to remediate woodsmoke air pollution across Oregon.

Woodsmoke is a persistent problem for many reasons: it’s abundant, cheap and humans have been burning wood since the beginning of time.

But some regions are making progress, like Pendleton’s Wood Stove Replacement Program, but is the DEQ paying attention?

Many feel the DEQ Woodsmoke Workgroup‘s Initial Recommendations need more, well as Multnomah County resident Deb Taevs laments,

Why do we have to be so toothless here in Oregon?

Taevs made impassioned remarks about the impact of living next to a wood-burning neighbor, “Their chimney was 22 feet away.”

When confronted the neighbors first reaction was, “It’s legal – I’m not the only one.”

So where does someone who’s suffering because of the smoke from a neighbor – where do they go for help?

One simple suggestion: Make a stronger statement on the DEQ website.

Listen to Deb Taevs at the recent meeting in Beaverton as she asks,

Why aren’t we doing something about it?

You’ll wonder why, too.


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