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Asthma, it’s what’s most closely correlated with exposure to woodsmoke.

We know the harmful effects target the young and the elderly.

Instead of hoping for a breakthrough asthma therapeutic, we should be removing the pollutant from our urban skies.

[blockquote size=”full” align=”right” byline=”Dr. Brian Moench”]Burning 10 lbs. of wood for one hour releases as much polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as 6,000 packs of cigarettes.[/blockquote]Burning wood for backyard recreation – burning wood to heat your house – burning wood for a special occasion – it’s time to think twice, to recognize the harmful effects on our most vulnerable. There are recreational alternatives – there’s more efficient ways to heat you house and when you consider the harmful impact on your family and neighbors, there’s better ways to celebrate those special occasions.

Our collective change is to get the word out, to persistently preach the total costs of wood burning exceed the feelings of nostalgia and tradition that so many of us cling to.

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