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Air Pollution And Human Health

Air Pollution and Human Health

[blockquote size=”full” align=”right” byline=”Dr. Hannele Laine”]The most important thing to remember is that even short term exposure to air pollution can have long-term effects.[/blockquote]

iStock_000020590713_435x651Over time we learn and for the most part, toxics like lead and asbestos disappear from the environment, yet there’s more that needs to be done.

Driving our cars pollutes our environment. Wood fires, whether for home heating or recreation, pollute. Industry pollutes. Where can we focus first to reduce toxics in our environment and improve public health?

[blockquote size=”full” align=”right” byline=”Sam Atwood — South Coast Air Quality Management District”]We have to become a zero-emissions society.[/blockquote] Some say it’s a balancing act – that we have to balance industry’s economic impact, the jobs in the community, but increasingly we all take stock. What are the total costs of polluting the environment and who bears the brunt? Will our baby steps towards healthcare coverage for all raise our sensitivities and make us ask the tough questions?

We have to become a zero emissions society – in our transport, in our recreation, in every aspect of our lives. That’s the future we work towards.

Many dream of a cure for cancer, new therapies for asthma, a pill to cure COPD – all the plagues that compromise our health and longevity. Some, if not most, of the health benefits of the future will come from reducing the toxics we pump into our atmosphere. An ounce of prevention…

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